Speech Recognition


my speech Recognition dont works, the Microphon Level are in the middle when i speak. whether German or English, I dictate text box that the robot does absolutely nothing. Do I need to install any language program?

Thank you


Hi lispoir
I presume you have looked @ http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Default.aspx?id=12
when you give command does it appear in "speech recognition " window


Hello Bravia,
Thank you for your answer
in have see the Video, in the Speech Recognition Window i dont see the Command. it is black!


So your commands are not getting through for some reason.
Are you using win7 ?
any errors when you first open EZ-B ?
if not open "sound recorder" in windows and check microphone does record


Yes Win7 64bit
No Errors when i open my EZ-Builder
Sound Recorder and Skype works fine


in speech recognition in ezb click on setup adjust microphone levels and boost,in advanced tick "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"
Good luck


Hello Bravio,
I have checked their recommendations, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful


I have testet with another Win7 PC, its the Same.


There are several reasons it's not working - In my case it was the speach recognition app in Win 7 was english based - not American. Once I matched them (same version of English as EZ builder) it started working. You could have the same problem or one of several others. Do a search and check all the references in this website (use google search) and you will find the answer to your problem. Speach recognition is fun but takes a lot of fine tuning and determination. Good Luck..


Can you tell me where i can Download a german recognition App for Win7? How can I test which is set for a language on my PC?

Thank you