My Frankenbot - Robosapien, Hearoid, Ottobot Head


Haha okay okay... So you'd like to pass the .EZB file on the command line with a parameter to autoconnect? Hmmm, Okay Smile


Well I am adding a mini itx, so he'll have his own computer to go with him and it would be nice to have him just turn on and auto connect instead of having to get in there and connect every time. :o)


Ahmen , same here Sam! Are you going to use a few ir sensors to get frankin bot to charge. How cool would it be each time he reaches full charge it plays a mp3 of the mad scientist yelling "its alive!" Lol


Hahahaha... Josh eventually I plan on naming him. Not sure what yet. I think a lot of people could benefit from an auto connect.

Ever see those monsters balls that vibrate in stores around halloween? The ones you hit that bounce around and make noise. I have one that yells help me help me and it's alive. My dog loves it.

Eventually yes, I do plan on creating a charging base. Haven't got that worked out yet.

If you look in the pic that front funking looking area, there is an ir sensor in there and a light sensor. He will have some other object detection sensors.


Hi Sam, Your pic looks like a 4 wheel config with a rotating tail wheel (hidden from view). That setup is much better for load and direction control than just having 2 wheels with a tail wheel. Something that size should do the trick as long as you have the battery power for it and it appears your getting all the good info on that.


Sam, this configuration looks amazing! Will he rotate at the waist too?


Thank you everyone.

Glick, yes I do want his waist to rotate. I got a lazy Susan. He is balancing on that right now. Thinking of using some servos and levers to get him to do it. Still working it all out.


I got my standoffs today. (aluminum)
User-inserted image

These are going to go into the original screw holes to add extra support for the base besides just the acrylic riser.

The other camera, lcd screen and pan and tilt brackets should be coming within the next day or so. They have made it to US already.

Now I still need to figure out how to wire it up to power.


so, where did you get your standoffs and how much were they?




I got them from McMaster-Carr. They were like a $1.80 each.

1 93505A012 Aluminum Male-Female Threaded Hex Standoff, 1/4" Hex, 3" Length, 4-40 Screw Size

I needed 8 for the hearoid omnibot base.