My Frankenbot - Robosapien, Hearoid, Ottobot Head


@sfoy...hooray for the motor arrival now your YTBN bot can move...and that means....a VID!....Its hard to figure out a name for your own creation, sometimes our children are named even before their born and some children are often named months after their born.......and some of us ahem have more then one name under "certain" circumstances Smile
YTBN...yet to be named...which is the same name I have given to my young sailing friend's new refurbished 24 foot sailboat because he too has yet to figure out a new name..go figure


Rich I was looking up pics and saw that some people completely covered their servos in dynamat. I didn't really see it on motors. It looked like they more covered the entire area with the stuff. Would it be safe to cover it?


Thanks irobot. He can't move yet. So far he is just a cad drawing we at least his new base is. I have made it from cardboard but it's really just for spacing.

Now that I have the motors though, I have size the holes and decide where I want them and then get it cut. Yay!


Possible high temperatures and cooling are the only reasons why I wouldn't use it on a motor, but that's only really an issue if the motors are being used close to their limits. Or just do it the other way around and cover the mounts or holes so it'll dampen vibrations between motor and mount.


If your trying to keep motors from making noise you can try a floating mount. Wherever you decide to mount , leave a 1/8 " gap and fill it with RTV Gasket maker silicon. Its a mild adhesive but can peel off when pulled. I've used it to dampen hard drives and servos too. Only put silicon around points of contact so your motor still gets air and try to face any air vents on the motor outward and uncovered.


That's the stuff you sent me right? The one that the tires were made of?


Hi sfoy!
Do you have a Hearoid remote you dont need anymore?


sfoy :-}
Goodmorning :-}
So how is this project coming along, I think it's really cool looking :-}


Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile. I am however, resurrecting my project.

Hello Mike - sorry no, I never had the hearoid remote/or head. I actually got the body from robotmaker.

Hello Stonewolf,

Thank you. I actually stopped working on the project and was semi discouraged for a bit. I liked the look of the robosapien upper body but it was so non-functional. I am a perfectionist and was very unhappy with the end results. I was also having problems with my motherboard and didn't have the heart to take it apart AGAIN.

I really wanted arms and had no idea how to go about making them from scratch. I have been looking for a omnibot 2000 for over a year now and finally got one.

So I have now been inspired and am going to try to replicate the adjutant from Starcraft. She will be liberated from the crane and I will be putting her on my base.

User-inserted image

I am getting new parts today. Very excited about that and am taking Friday off to start the rebuild.


I thought your project was cool looking already, but I like your new direction.
If you want ideas for working robotic arms have a look at my humanoid robot Dave.
If you need any custom 3d printed parts, this community has members with 3d printers.
Omnibot 2000 makes a great base and the arms have very cool grippers.