Greedy Robot Arm Video


I thought for grabbing a beer but it didn't say how it worked or what sensors used. Could You direct me to what sensors to buy to utilize this feature?


I think we are missing the video or link. :/


Haha I didnt know that was there.


Bump , so does anyone know how this works , what dj is using as a trigger?


Grrr We are blocked from videos at work. I wanted to take a look again but I think there may have been a IR or something like that just beneath the claw. It just grabs whatever comes close. See if there is one.


The project can be found in File -> Examples -> Robot - Greedy Arm

For that video (it was only a test) I had attached a sharp IR distance sensor to the top of the claw. A script watched for the distance to be low, then it would close the claw and move the object.



Smile It looked like you were having fun in that clip. Smile


lol yah it totally cracked me up Smile


@DJ How did you calculate the correct ADC multiplier? (in general actually, not just for this project, what are the proper steps for figuring that out)?

Does the sensor you used have a specific specification, or do you need to use trial and error or an ADC graph or meter to see what the voltage units are when set to 1 and then calculate up or down from there?