3 axis skull Halloween Prop


Finally got my EZB in the mail. Put together a quick video to show off the functionality of my project. Keep in mind this is the very very beginning. I will soon be adding a video camera to enable motion/facial tracking. I will keep updating as I make progress. This is the first "robot" I've ever built. The EZB and the EZ-Builder software really made this simple.


Wow this scary and cool and the same time!


WOW I foresee some very terrified kids next Halloween. Great project/job!


Man that is going to be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME for halloween!


Here is the finished crow with flickering eyes mentioned in the LED thread, and a micro servo in the crow body.

Random servo movement + random sleep for 1-10 seconds for the video. I'll probably extend the time to 25 seconds or so later on.


WOW cjmekeel You bird is amazing, nice job! Brings back haunting memories of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie though *sick*


Dude that crow is so creepy... I LOVE IT!


It came out pretty good. The body was $1 from one of those "everything's a dollar" stores. The LEDs are practically nothing and the micro servo was $3. So a suprisingly cheap project.

It'll compliment the animated skeleton nicely. The random movements and random sleep times really give it a more realistic feel.

I'm thinking about a doing a rat with the same effects. I have plenty of ports left on my EZB, might as well use them up!

The skull is down currently because I burnt out the jaw servo, so I'm awaiting a replacement. Once it's running again, I'll post another video.


Brilliant job. As a suggestion you could add a motion tracking camera to one eye of the skull and a red LED to the other. And perhaps you could add a mp3 trigger for the crow.


Those are great ideas. These are part of a larger animated scene. I trigger an mp3 and the skull moves and talks and the crows eyes flicker. I also have an antique radio whose dial will move and light up. I will post a video shortly.

Thanks for the suggestions though!