Question For Lloyd


Hey I wanted to send you some free dynamat sound deadening material for gizmo and some fans , I know you posted a email or something for me to contact you and I wasn't on the site for a couple days , I was in the hospital ( nothing too serious kidney stone and a restriction). If you would like to email me today Lloyd at I would be happy to send you materials and fans to help with gizmo.


I'll be able to send you my email address tomorrow, and I do appreciate your kindness.


You are a class act



@thetechguru thanks - Josh


@ Josh,

You are a prime example of the great people in our community! Your kindness will undoubtedly be returned to you ten fold. Thanks again man!



Thank you I really appreciate it. I think lastest person I helped out was that "contest" where I sent out the two 50a controllers and motors. I love to help.others and it makes my day to see others progress and working together.