My First Robot "minion"


you should make the minion glow like a glowstick ike the one in the movie that would be cool


Thats a great idea. I have been thinking about some sort of lighting. Any ideas?


Just get some 12volt EL wire of the color of your choice. search ebay or amazon. Nine foot of glowing blue is only under $20.



also glass flex tubing with a led will work,sparkfun has it cheap


if its body dosen't completly block out light the easiest way would be to put a bunch of bright led's on the inside.


I will have to play with that.... Hmmmm

He needs to glow light a glow stick.


I really hope this is done for maker faire! Grin


Oh DJ I doubt it. Only one week. Still waiting on some wiring stuff.


even if it doesn't work, it'll be great to see in real life


Yea no kidding , here in Atlanta they have awesome comicons / sci-fi conventions and stuff. Atlanta has money and huge population. Maybe I.can convince some of the USA guys to come over here.