Any Eta On Stepper Motor Control?



I have an upcoming project using stepper motors and was wondering if you are implementing steppers into EZB? If so is it ready for prime time yet or anytime soon? Thanks in advance.



What stepper driver would you want to use?


Maybe the Big Easy Driver from spark fun. I am open to suggestions of any other board.



:: listens contently as steppers are a strong/heavy duty alternative to rc servos :: Winky


Let's all vote on the best and affordable controller. That way I can use it and make it available for everyone Smile


That's excellent , just post candidate controllers as links here and we can all look at them Smile great love it


Yup sounds great!


Hi All,

I vote for the heavier stuff of course. After all, 2 amps is rather small.
Please let it be this one :

Please hurry DJ, I can hardly wait...

Best regards to all,



Ok so your vote is the 5 amp stepper driver , I would like that too