Starnes Free 50 Amp Esc And Axi 2800 Motor Contest


Starnes Free 50 amp esc and Axi 2800 motor Contest

We have a special contest today , two new swift 50a esc and two New axi gold 2800 , this is 350 dollars of motor controllers and high end motors. It's simple to win , post your ideas of how you would use these in your robotic project , you can write a paragraph or more explainong concept , sketches or diagrams showing how you would use it , or even pictures of placement of where it would go in your current robot (that means even lloyd can jump in on this). Between voting from members and my personal discretion I will award a creative member these items.

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Josh you are the man! I only wish I had a use for them.


I'm surprised there are no interested members


power system for a amphibious tankbot. a simple propellor to power the bot effiviently while in the water


As someone in "Home improvement" used to say: "More power!". But I guess my little caterpillar would just be ripped apart, if I used one of those babies Smile But I love the idea of your contest!


Omrisaac , what base are you going to use? Material? Would it be ex or ezb controlled?


I would try to build one of these and use the air intakes as to suck air in and transport it to each of the props like the the dyson bladeless fans. I would stear it with servo's and put on large rockets and stuff.


ahhh haa i thought of a better idea. a motor to run a small compressor that would power a small pnumatic system for my bot. a pnumatic gripper, air suspension, the possibilites are endless.

air cylinder

User-inserted image

here is my tankbot i would put it on

ps. that dyson fan thruster is a cool idea too!


Bude , lol that's what I bought these for , o built a scale model of avatars heli , even have the 8.5 inch props and hub adapters for them. These ideas are getting better , only catch is I send whoever wins hundreds of dollars of free stuff I want to see a build thread up and going lol. So imrissac you would connect yours to a small compressor , hmm very interesting I like that , ofcourse you only need one I believe to run a small compressor. Come on details details Smile Smile I love where this is going.