How small are those servos?!


Im pretty sure these where the ones he was talking about
click here


So it just so happens that you don't have to wait the 3 weeks to get those servos from across the ocean at deal extreme headquarters, you can get them at Solarbotics as well for a decent price!

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The bots in the video are not mine,

I am waiting for components to make mine


Just got the components but the servo's were too big(!) so i had to order even SMALLER servo's from hobbyking, these are REALLY tiny.

So i put together the droid:

User-inserted image

And i think i am going to use the same ARDUINO code for my robot-arm:

So i'll keep everyone updated Smile


dj can you use something similar to pctx from

its for letting you use an r/c transmitter on your computer. suppose to work like a joystick but when i pluged it into my tx and my laptop, it did not show up as a joystick control. i will try the device manager to see if i can get it to recognize it.

i think the guy above was asking about a servo recorder?
it would be nice to control my ez-b with my 5 channel spektrum dx5e because of the 2 joysticks. but the usb controller works good too


i eventually used these servo's because the blue hextronik's were too big (!).