I just saw this on youtube:

And i directly knew i HAD to make one, so i ordered 2 android puppets and a lot of really cheap mini servo's ($3,17 each) on Dealextreme.

The idea is to make little scripts in EZ-Builder for every dance move and make them start via music recognition (is there such a control in EZ-Builder?)

Anyways, i hope they arrive soon and i'll keep y'all updated!


There is no audio input for beat matching or anything. I'll have to consider some ideas to let that happen. Maybe some sort of tempo feedback control or something. I'll have to think about that one.

In the meantime, you could use one of these Sound Sensors. I've used them and they work pretty good.

Have a script that executes on the level. That way, it'll work acceptable for the beat


Isnt there any kind of record function so i can just use servo controls to let him dance and EZ-Builder will transform them in a script with delays?


With a joystick? That would be handy for your specific application. I can add it to my list. There are currently 12 feature requests ahead of this one.


that is a good suggestion: using the joystick to control his movement Smile


semi-unrelated, does anyone know what song that is in the video?


Here you go.......


Much thanks!


that was totally wicked!

i may have to pick me up some android puppets as well...


How small are those servos?!