Usb->serial Adapter


Hi DJ,

For my omnibot, i am using a USB to Serial converter from SparkFun.

However, since the newest firmware update, i haven't been able to connect.
I've tried multiple converters but all fail...

Did you change anything?



I'd love to have it working next week so i can demonstrate it at the open house of our hackerspace Grin


I would guess you already reinstalled the drivers for it? Which mo# are you using ?


Yes, i did. I am using EZ-B V3 and Windows XP (also tried 7).




Hey Niek,

Is the LED on the board pulsating?

If not, i think i know what it may be. Gimmie a few hours and i'll send you something to try.


No, it's solid.

When i mess around a bit (swapping bluetooth with USB) and it starts pulsating THEN it works but once i restart it wont pulsate again Frown

Thanks in advance Grin


Hey DJ,

While we are on this subject (I hope you get your TTL) going Niek, does EZB respond to any AT commands to self check to see if the COM connection is online? Trying to hyperterm to the EZB via my wifi TLG.....virtual com port says it is sending and receiving but no luck with EZB.

staying tuned as this may be the same issue I am having.




I hope DJ figures out a solution quick Grin


Figured out. New optional firmware going online today Smile