Is This Possible


is it possible to use 3 lotiny to 1 speaker ?

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I wouldn’t recommend that. The simplest way is to do this...

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great dj but thats chinese for me.i can make this ?

each lotiny gets one wire?

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these are the ones i have.

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Patrick, you have got it as long as the commons are all tied together in some way.

Here is a handy site for resistor color code calculation:

A 4.7K resistor has the color bands Yellow, Purple, Red and a gold band for 5% tolerance.


If connecting 3 EZ-B's instead of 2 would the resisted value still be 4.7k? I suspect that is fine. I built a passive mixer to connect several devices in my car, and the instructions were to use 10k resistors for three inputs, but that was line level, not to a speaker.

Patrick, the volume will be lower than individual speakers. Shouldn't be bad, but you should be aware.




the commons are ground ?and 3 red needs the resistor.
is there a direction for the resistor to solder?
these wil do?

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thanks for telling about the volume.i am using 3 lotiny's.


Resistors do not have a direction.
Commons are also known as ground.


great thanks justin.


stil waiting for parts to come.aldo i found these speakers in a old ,
pc screen from HP ,and they are good.great sound at level 100.
is there a reason why the ezbv4 doesn have speaker connection like ,
lotiny?the voice off the lotiny is super.

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