Saylotiny (" Hello ") ?


how does it work to use the lotiny.sayezb dont work.

anyone thank you


Are you sure the speaker is plugged in? Sayezb absolutely does work on the iotiny.



hi alan

yes its plugged in.other sounds can be played.
i use another speaker from 4 watt.


i have conneted the lotiny on connection 4,and set the sayezb to ,
connection 4,not working.


i tested on connection 0 and it to use a script on connection 4,
how do i ad it to connection4?

i notice when saving in cloud,there is no choice for a lotiny.
but when i choose a V4 it saves.

User-inserted image


First paragraph of the manual for the iotiny provides notice:


ah thats why it saves as ezbv4.thanks


how do i choose connection 4 for sayezb(" hello "Winky
if thats possible.seems it only works on connection 0


The Sayezb() command works on any connection, not just board 0....


Nomad, I’m on my phone and can’t view the ezscript manual to show you, but check it. Check the code manual. The say commands accept a parameter for the board index.