Your Favourite Community-built Ez-robots


In our recent 'Meet the Team' Video, we were each asked about our Favourite Robot built by our EZ-Robot Community- and we were wondering, what are some of yours? Grin


My answer was "changes every week"... I am slowly working my way through all of the amazing content we have in our community here, and that's why my favourite is always changing!

This week I was totally amazed by Ewa by @rb550f ... so AWESOME!

User-inserted image


Nice one,,, reminds me of Stewy from Family Guy Grin


I can't unsee Stewie now.....


Hah you're right, it does indeed look like a robotic Stewie!
It's cruel having to pick a favourite among all these projects, but personally I keep coming back to ALTAIR by @Toymaker as being the project that inspires me the most to keep working on my own projects.

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Nice one @sebediah! Good way to think about it- which community robot really inspires and encourages you to keep working! Smile