Mecca Learns To Trow A Ball


i am redo my mecca going to ad some more movements.
like turning waist and bending.he allreddy learns how to trow a ball.hehe


That's great, he's better making baskets then me.
My grandkids would love having a robot do that.
They tried bowling with a WowWee Robosapien, but not very accurate.
Steve S


hi steve S

i had a robosapien v2 great robot.the bowling depents alot on how,
much the batts are full.the fuller they are the better the trow.
its amazing to see how strong the ez parts are.this is a long arm,
with original parts.


Wow! What's the distance on that throw! Are you making a team? You have enough robots! Smile


hi chelsea

i like the consept ez robots alot.there is so much to learn.and yes i have a ,
few robots.the mecca gets a few movements more,like bending&turning waist.
here's a video for bending waist.its allreddy improved with metal on the ,
horn.more to come soon.

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Nicely done.

Is the robot's hand gripping the ball and releasing it, or is it just balancing?

I have been trying to get my Roli to throw a ball for my cat, and have not been able to get the timing in the auto-position correct. It either drops the ball too soon, or lets go too late. Seeing your video I am thinking of re-working the arm so it can do an underhand throw where it doesn't need to grip the ball once it gets into position instead of an overhand throw. I hadn't thought of the idea since it is so low to the ground, but I think with the right combination of servos and EZ-Bit extensions I could make it work.



hi alan

he can grip the ball.for excample when the hand is gripping to long it will ,
release the it will not burn out.for the movement,
i make all movements separt.
1-choulder up a little
2-underarm up hand open
3-close hand
4-underarm go's down (stand position )
5-underarm go's up ( speed 5 fastes ) and open hand
i used the original jd.hope these pics helps.

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Thanks Patrick. I'll try to see if I have better luck with an underhand throw.


good work, Patrick !


thanks digiEddy .

am uploading a video now from high trow.