Mini Itx Cheap! Dell Atom 330 29.99


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Asendtech has several of these tiny 6 in x 6 in mini pc / CPU combo , just 29.99 , very very good option for a autonomous robot (a person doesn't need to be at a computer or laptop wirelessly controlling it ). These draw about 12 watts. I just bought one , get them while they are hot! - Josh


i order 2 at 5 days ago,cant wait to get it,specs are fairly good


robotmaker you must have enough robots and robot parts to fill a warehouse ! Right-on !! JW


JUST ABOUT 30 and counting,like DJ has
looking to keep me busy in my spare time,since i do my electronic designs for work at home
freelancing and pay is super good and free travel,except for vacations i pay
most likely be DJ best customer for buying his boards


How many boards have you purchased? I bought two so far...


total boards of itx computer 9



You need to get some more pics of your stuff posted! Lets see what you got going on!

Josh, you got a link brotha?




Can someone give me a link to the Asendtech mini ITx,please? I'm thinking Gizmo would love to have one of them! Whats the OS for these? Do they come with any software already installed? Info please.


@kkeast if you look at the webcam with ezb posting the link was there
cheap itx board for $40

also they have plenty left
also kkeast on photos ,i mostly build robots not much in taking photos until finished it
looking to post my IROBOT ROOMBA by tuesday about 90% done
there are some photos of it up and will have complete project up this week
if you take photos you never get done

after week hope to have my finished project of my BROOKSTONE ROVER project up


I.don't.know a ton of specs but.its a.low.power embedded solution , you can get restore disk from Dell and maybe add a hard drive but that's probably not needed.