Late 2017 Wall-e (yet Another Wall-e)


Hi Everyone -

New to ez-robot, but long time rc hobbyist, IT guy, etc. Just wanted to put up a quick post to mostly say "thank-you" for all the great info and other posts about the various Wall-E projects over the years in this forum. It was a great help for my own personal Wall-E build that I just finished over Christmas break.

I used the Wall-E interactive version from eBay, the latest ez-robot components (EZ-B IoTiny, EZ-B v4 camera), and my own servos (4 micro and 2 regular continuous movement) and 7.4v batteries.

The whole build was pretty easy, maybe 16 hours total and about $200. It was almost too easy. But again, lots of very helpful info on this forum made it easier.
The latest IoTiny and camera fit very well into the Interactive version of Wall-E. EZ-Builder software intuitive and also easy to use with many great tutorials and forum help.

Thanks again,


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Nice build!

Welcome to the forum @Sssuhl


Hello Steve.
What cameras you used?
I have wall E toy and want to build robot.


Hi Jose - I used the stock / latest ez-robot camera for the one eye and then put a junk mini camera lens in the other eye so it just looks about the same in both. But of course just the camera one works. I did have to take the camera circuit board out of the housing to fit it into the Wall-E eye socket. Tight fit.