Hbridge And Motor Speed


JD - there is a noticeable speed difference b/t a direct connect to the battery and the HB. It's a 185 rpm motor. Connected to the battery directly I'm getting approximately - 180 +/- RPM. Connected through the Hb I'm getting 120 +/- rpm.

PTP - Jumpers = Check!
Power = 6 x AA (Alkaline batteries) with an output of 8.7v. It's powered through ezb v4.

Thetechguru - I removed the jumper and there was no descernable difference. The motor was operating at around 120 rpm.

I think, based on the discussion on this thread, I'm going to buy another, different hbridge and give that a try for comparison. For now, this hbridge will work ok to get the my robot moving.

Thanks again for your help!

Happy New Year!


Of course we recommend using the ezrobot hbridge, bexause it always works Smile