Spin Master Bb-8


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Has anyone seen this BB-8...I believe it is new. I think this would be an interesting project to convert to EZ-Builder. Head and body are independent, it would be cool to have a camera in head and somehow control everything with EZ-Builder!


Tough at a sale price of $ 150.00. I haven't seen it working in person. My only concern is if the movements are smooth and not Rocky like most others I have seen.


A somwhat long, but informative video:


Thanks for the video. It does a lot better than I expected... The movement's are quite smooth. A possible ezb candidate down the road.

I wonder if a transmitter hack could be done?



Here is a video of the internal mechanism


I purchased one of them and it works VERY well, it’s a little miracle... but I absolutely wanna use its internal mechanisms to build a full-sized one. I’ve got the 3d printed full size body and head, but the problem is modifying the mechanism (leverages, motor, batteries, wires...) for the new use. Did anyone have some experience about that?