Can I Control These Servos With The Ez-b V4?


Hello Nomad I'm just building my EZb in an almost same robot. Do you have more videos? Can you let him go? If so, can I get the script?


he's charging now.i try the walk later and post a video.
you will need to adjust a lot.all standard jd have to go.
and make your own.


Ok thanks , i am excited to look the Video


here an update metal can choose for original jd movement do,
you have to adjust everything.also calibrate everthing with the levers and horns,
off.the problem with raising arms is solved,found that one.
now hope i get the walking and sit down and so.

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The frame assigned to the STOP action in auto position has his arms raised.

Edit the frame that is assigned to the STOP action and move his arms into the position that you wish.

Locate the name of the frame that is assigned to STOP action...
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Edit that frame...
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hi dj

i found this .sofar ok but walking will be really diff.


Andy/Nick anyone... can you try this? This is a quick script i created to test moving the servos based on the info you provided. I'll use this as an ez-script test before making it a plugin.

1) Connect the servos to the UART #0 TX
2) Power the servos with appropriate power


# Move Alpha 2 servo attempt using UART
# Connect signal of the Alpha 2 servo to UART #0 TX port
# Moves the servo set for ID #0

DefineArray($data, 10)

$data[0] = 0xfa
$data[1] = 0xaf
$data[2] = 0x00 # Servo ID 0
$data[3] = 0x01 # command: goto
$data[4] = 120 # Position: We will modify this value in the loop
$data[5] = 100 # MS/20 duration? no idea
$data[6] = 0x00
$data[7] = 0x01
$data[8] = 0 # we calculate checksum in the loop
$data[9] = 0xed

UartInit(0, 0, 115200)


# some random position to try moving to
$data[4] = 120 + getrandom(10, 100)

print("Moving to position " + $data[4])

# calculate checksum
$data[8] = ($data[2] + $data[3] + $data[4] + $data[5] + $data[6] + $data[7]) % 256

UartWriteBinary(0, 0, $data)

# pause for 2 seconds between movements



Great robot!

I love the work you're doing and the community's help with your project.



Hi DJ,

I should be able to test out the script tonight, sorry for the late reply just got back from holidays.



Hi DJ,

Great news the script works, tested on ubtech servo's for alpha 2 and the Jimu robot set

thank you so much for taking the time to create a plugin for these servos I really appreciate it