Can I Control These Servos With The Ez-b V4?


i didn get any contact with UB on there site or FB or skype.they dont just respond.



Does the Alpha 1 Series PC communication proto continue to help?

No, that is for communicating with the controller, not the servos.



I have also ubtech times now hopefully they have an answer. Or do you have any idea DJ Sures?


Which data do we need exactly?



Which data do we need exactly?

Serial protocol for the servos.



And that is not enough?
Sorry for the questions I'm newbie

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No, that is not enough. Most servos use a standard communication method called PWM (see hte Servo tutorial in the learn section of the web site). These are custom servos that use Serial communication, and probably a proprietary instruction set. Dynamixel servos also do this, but they publish the instruction set so DJ was able to write a plugin. For anyone to write a plugin for these, we need the data rate and other connection properties, and the instructions and responses of the communication protocol.

Very unlikely UB is going to provide this.



Okey, I have no hope.
Then I'll have to resell the Ubtech again Frown



what is it what you try to do ?


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