Can I Control These Servos With The Ez-b V4?


Hello, I have a question .

I have these servos in my robot and have now bought the EZ-B V4.

But if it does not get to work, can the Ez b control these servos?

The servos are all connected and the controller only has 1 cable

User-inserted image


Can you post more details:

Servo brand and model ?


Product/Kit details ?


Hey, thanks for your answer.

It is the Ubtech Alpha s1

Data of the servo:

UBTECH Alpha 1S Robot Parts Digital Servo UBT-12HC


Model UBT-12HC
Communications: Serial communication
Speed: 6.5V: 0.238sec / 60 ° 8.5V: 0.198sec / 60 °
Torque: 6.5V: 8.5V:
Gear: Copper alloy gear
Bearing: Ball Bearings
Angle range: 0-180 °, Adjustable
Dimensions (mm): 44 * 22.5 * 29
Weight (g): 42
Amount of operating voltage (V): 7.4V
Stable Current: 2.5A
Operating temperature range: 0-55 ?
Protection: Over Voltage, Over Current
Dead bandwidth (no reaction zone): 0
Feedback: Position / angle feedback


If there's a data sheet for the serial communication protocol, then it would be an easy implementation as a plugin. Post the datasheet and I'll take a look.


I can't find the datasheet that contains communication protocol. Can anyone else find it? Maybe ubtech customer support has it


There is no contact to get with ubtech.there is not even a forum.


Can not find anything to unfortunately Frown That's a shame I was so happy to test my ezb.


Is it possible to read the datasheet of the servo via the Ubtech Pc software?


not with the standard program from alpha1 and 2
this is the only link i can google.



Does the Alpha 1 Series PC communication proto continue to help?