Ibm Watson Plug In Service?


Good to make EZ Robots as smart as we can.


I would really be interested in this as well.


Yes, this would be very interesting...anyone sees a big difference to aka dialogflow?


DataMonsters and the linked GoogleDoc gives a good breakdown of all the chat services.

But I think it is important to remembers many of theses services can do far more than offer chat services. Many of them are cognitive services where intelligent chat is just one thing that they can do.

And I think it is important that we all understand that utilizing any of these cognitive services or chatbots will not make your robot intelligent or bypass work to make your robot intelligence in itself. In fact it will create more work even with plugins to create scripts within EZ-Builder and scripts on the side of the service in order to achieve your goals from connecting to services likes these.

My concern is that sometimes from posts I read I worry some folks think connecting to these cognitive services will be for their robot the equivalent of Mario finding and eating a mushroom to become big, like in the Mario Brothers game.

And the reality is these services can offer powerful modern tools to make our robots smarter, but it will continue to require some heavy scripting to "make Mario big".


I am always curious about the new stuff out there, but yes I think @JustinRatliff is so right about takes a lot of time and effort to get stuff done using those cognitive services, even when perfect EZ-Builder integration is provided! Smile

The plugin works very good and the service has a steep lerning curve, so you can get stuff done...but still it is not working everything out for you, there is a lot of work and one needs to have a clear goal on what should be accomplished!

I am happy another cognitive service is being recognized in the community and there are people out there ready to give it a shot! Lets see how far we can push this! Grin


Please make this so I can win Jeopardy.


I have an interest in how I can use Watson not only for adapting dialog in a Watson chat bot , but also with conversation and data bases geared towards a specific market.

Let’s say for instance Alan ( my robot) is installed in a hotel or a merchant store, as an access point for information. Using data and dialog scripted around a certain product or services, allows one to adapt and fine tune information that a customer might ask about a specific product.

It’s a fascinating thing watch and unfold ( AI and chatting) as services like Watson begin functioning like complex human language for chatbots, the more people will feel comfortable exchanging information with new technologies. We now have three Alexa’s in the house and it’s amazing how quickly you adopt speaking and interacting with them. More so than Siri, which I rarely use on my IPhone. Maybe pushing that button to talk breaks the the magic?!?

Anyways this stuff is just evolving so quickly! Being able to merge these evolving technologies with EZ Robots makes those robots seem even more impressive and useful!


@fxrtst I think that is good use case for the wit.api or probably any of the other chat bot cognitive services. So to achieve that here is the recipe:


Step 1. Have a robot with EZB and EZ-Builder with connection to robot and internet
Step 2. Create a plugin to connect to the IBM Watson wat.api services
Step 3. Setup your individual Watson user service account
Step 4. learn how to setup the services on the Watson cloud side of the chatbot
Step 5. Actually setup and configure chatbot on the Watson cloud side (the logic for the specific chatbot needed)
Step 6. Create scripts in EZ-Builder to query the wat.api service and return results
Step 7. Adjust your EZ-Builder scripts and Watson cloud side logic as needed to return intelligent results as it will take some fine tuning to get the results you desire.

Now in step 7, by fine tuning I mean, (this is a hypothetical but realistic example) lets say you get everything working and you configure the robot with a ready made database about "Hotels" and then create your speech script in EZ-Builder to talk to the Watson service though a future plugin and you say, "tell me about this Hotel"...and your robot says, "You said Hotels, I like Hotels, would like to know more about Hotels?" then you, "YES!" and to your horror, it repeats, "You said Hotels, I like Hotels, would like to know more about Hotels?"

That's when you know you need to revisit the logic on the Watson side of your service setup. Because it would indicate you did not interconnect some of the logical functions of the available services correctly to produce what you wanted.

This "recipe" would be the same for any of the major chatbot cognitive services like ai.api from google or any of the others.


I agree Justin
I have test more Watson conversation services and it is a little bit worst than api ai
Pick up forward or look forward make jd go forward
We call that artificial intelligence or machine learning....

I prefer To invest in my synbot programmed intelligence.


I'd like to add going back to my "Mario eating the mushroom to get big" analogy because we've had ai.api for a while but I don't think a lot of us have used it very much because we have to know how to configure it on the services side.

Looking at just the ai.ap service, there is training available but training takes time and training sources from google and other sources are not going to be specifically geared toward what most in the EZ-Robot community would probably want to see. A lot of the training is geared towards, for example making an intelligent chat agent on Facebook with a text chat interface. Now you might think "Ok, I can take that and instead of Facebook, direct the chat to EZ-Robot" - but, you'd be wrong, the services don't reconfigure as easily as you would think without a fair amount of knowledge.

And we all are draw towards different cognitive/chat services which means our time and resources are divided, which by all means everyone should use what they want to, I'm just pointing out our chatbot creation work is divided and I don't know if that divided work has been fruitful?

So far my interest and time has been in ai.api. I have a "day job" interest in this service as well.

If there is going to be a team of sorts to collaborate on really getting Watson working with EZ-Builder and get the knowledge out to show how to get a chat service working where a team share the work I'm totally in!