Ibm Watson Plug In Service?


I’ve been looking into the services provided by Watson. I’m really impressed. Is this something that could be implemented like the other services we have, like Bing and Microsoft? They have a 10,000 a month limit.


Give it a shot! The plugin tutorial is in the plugin section. Fun to make Smile


@fxrtst I might be able to make a plugin, can you share some more details? I haven't been following IBM and Watson services lately, there are so many cognitive services now.


I can work Also on a plugin
We can share the work if you want

Jean Luc


Ok here I go wish me luck...


1 invoke magic plug in maker
2 make ibm Watson plugin, make it cool
3 cook for 30 minutes on 350
4 place new plug in on 4.25 floppy disk
5 run
6 end

Hmmmm nothing .... dang


Check it out here

IBM Watson conversation


If you use nuget in visual studio, and type in "Watson", you will see the libraries available for it. There's a bunch that u can build around.


I tried to connect EZB to bluemix using the MQTT library but was not able to get it to connect (uses tokens) my next step was to try and put a gateway in and put mosquito in cloud but never got around to it. If you do get it working would be fantastic.


I began to adapt my text translator plugin to Watson services and Fiesta test is running fine i Will give yu more details aftershave christmas

Enjoy christmas with your family


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