Darknet / Yolo Real-time Object Detection


DJ and Team,

Have you seen the Darknet / YOLO Real-time Object Detection videos? A friend of mine has implemented it on his PC and OMG, it is the fastest and most accurate object identification software that I have ever seen. It is light years beyond Open CV. And the best part is that like Open CV, it is also open source. It is a neural network program which it runs on Windows (and Linux).

TED Talk:

Have you ever thought of adding this to EZ Builder?

Thomas Messerschmidt

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Object detection/recognition


This looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing Thomas!


Here you go - this is The Robot Program episode on training and recognizing objects in real-time. Find more Activities in the learn section of this website. Locate the top menu and press the learn button, then select your ezrobot product. have fun! Smile

Full link: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/106


Let the YOLO vs SSD vs RCNN games begin.
If we are starting a requirements list for Ez-B 5.0 a GPU for Edge AI. AMD or Nvidia on board would be cool.