T-one Introduction


Time to print some reindeer!


Happy new year everyone.

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Haha, happy new year Holy1 and T-One!


T-One is a real party robot.

Happy New Year to you all too !



Here is a new 180 ° Wrist for T-One the Inmoov robot. It can turn a full 180 ° without the fingers moving from their position. The fingers and palm shown in the videos are NinjaFlex.


Your hand and new wrist looks great! Can you give us some details on how you built it. Any plans to share the STL files?


I would be also interested on how you managed to do the 180 deg movement of the wrist, without affecting the fingers.
I have never been happy with the wrist movement on my InMoov.


@Bhouston and @Cem ,

Sorry for the tardy reply. We picked up an Oculus a couple of weeks ago and
I love it. good time waster. Have been ripping the heads off robots in Robo Recall instead of spending time with T-One! Grin

Here is the link to the thingiverse page I just created.


Thanks Tony, Great design! With the flexible fingers, do you have 1 or 2 lines going to each finger? I have a modified hand on my InMoov that has flexible finger joints and all of the finger servos in the hand. I have one line to each finger and can get the full 180 degree rotation in the wrist. The original hand will do the 180 degrees as well but not while gripping an object really hard.


Thanks Bob. I have one line for each finger. I'd like to see your hand with the finger servos in the hand.