T-one Introduction


@Holy 1, and Mrs @Holy1

SUPER JOB ! T-ONE is quite the talker. I enjoy seeing robots having conversations with humans. I am also very impressed with the musical ability of T-ONE. I see a new TV show in the works called ROBOTS GOT TALENT, and T-ONE on it. LOL

BTW, Two thumbs up, LOL (cool idea)




Amazing looking robot and a very cool video! Your wife seems so excited about your project!


Wow, looks like all your hard work is paying off. I love your style and craftsmanship. What fun and I love the way your partner (wife or GF) participates and obviously enjoys the robot. You're a fortunate man.

I have a quick question and please don't take this as critical. Just wondering; Is it possible to get his mouth to open farther when he talks? Is the slight movement inherent to the design and physics? Perhaps it looks odd if the mouth opens up more? It just seems it needs a touch more movement to look more human.No biggy, just something that caught my eye among the pile of truly enjoyable action and interaction. Smile


@ Dave, thanks. My wife is great and keeps me on coarse if I stray to a different project. Super supportive. The jaw opens much wider but there is quite a bit of servo noise so have kept the movement to a minimum. Working a new method to work the jaw.

@Sebediah. Thanks for your kind comment. My wife Rocks!

@ Andy - Thank you. I think T-One may have stage fright. LOL

@Phg - Thanks. More videos to come for sure!

@Cem, @ Bhouston, @ Perry, Thanks for noticing the wiring. I spent a fair bit of time on it. I did the conduit trick before on my printers and cnc so figured it would look good here too. It's really easy to model up.
@Bhouston, I am in Ontario. About 2 hours north of Toronto in the middle of nowhere.

@Nink - Thank you!

@nomad , Thanks you sir. 2 thumbs are the way to go.

@ DJ - Always nice to get a compliment from the OVERLORD! Smile

@Faengelm , Thanks you. I've enjoyed watching your progress on the dancing robot.


Supercool! I really like the opening scene, where he is hidden at first and then reveals himself out of nowhere...first the arms, and then the body leaning to the side, showing his face! Good dramatic opening!

And great build of course! Grin


Beautiful build and excellent video!
My wife also liked T-one.
Steve S


A Christmas gift for T-One

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He was very gracious but I think he really wanted servos. I can see it in his face.

Great job. Keep it up!


So cute...it made me smile! Smile


hehe HDD you mean he wants.