T-one Playing Violin - Inmoov Style


Just a quick video of T-one playing his violin. Jingle bells


I am sensing an Inmoov band in the works.


this is freaky cool .love it.


Wow, that is one of the greatest InMoov video's I've seen. An InMoov doing something useful ! Fantastic! The bow movement is perfect!


Thanks everyone- Glad you like it. Lots of fun.

@Perry. He is already part of a band!

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LOL, is that your family Christmas card? Tongue


Funny you should say that. It is!


This reminded me of that robot made by Toyota that played "Land of Hope And Glory" on the violin. I agree with @bhouston, very inspiring to see an InMoov do something practical.


NEAT... A Christmas Rock Band ! !

Thanks for the Smiles !



Too cool! Thanks for the smiles. Smile