Post A Pic Of Your Workspace ;)


Everyone post pics of.the workspace , I'm sure this will be fun but we may ideas too Winky


mmm good idea! i will post some photos tomorrow.... now is night! ahah! I dont have enough light! Smile


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Since starting my first ever robot my kitchen has looked like this... Lol much like my mind


I'll have to remember to take a picture of my workspace. That is, if I can even get to it to take a picture. lol


I am old and retired. I used to have a thousand square foot concrete block building. But, now I am reduced to the kitchen counter :-(

But it was good while it lasted.



My wife gave me a space in our bedroom for my robots - now I think she may be regretting it haha.

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By the way, Bob is in the living room.


Lol its more organized than my stack of Rubbermaid containers lol


Here's my 'Turret' its a small room up some steep stairs in my apartment. A lot neater than normal as we are trying to sell and then I hope to get a wooden shed/hut in my new garden
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Sorry, for the mess.
And yes, I do realize the philips screwdriver should be on the left...
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