First Look At The Upgraded Model


It's been a little while since I have posted anything. I have since done a complete remake of my first robot "UBM1" and have created my next version. It is all around better. Bigger motors, stronger chassis and just a better design. Still a ways to go but figured I would share my progress so far.
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Nice. What is the body made from?


Really interesting looking robot! Perry beat me to it but I was going to ask the same, what's the body made from?

What kind of features and behaviors have you planned for the bot?


The body is made of 22 gauge sheet metal and I little bit of an old metal shop vacuum for the removable top and chrome holding brackets.

It's still in the early works but was thinking it could be used for security surveillance, have a built in power converter for charging a device or using small power tools then give it a fun autonomous personality.


I thought that looked like a 1970's era shop vac. Like it!



It's r2d2's first prototype! it's cool!


Seems like the perfect kind of droid to do some surveillance and what not. Looking forward to your future updates!


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Robot is now functional!


That is a very clean looking build, nice,
Look forward to a video, I like DIY.