Video Detection And Sending To Your Phone By Pir


is this possible with an ez robot.i like it very much.

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A PIR you can use - but it's an outdated and boring technology. I'd recommend using the camera instead. The camera has motion detection. So simply add a script for the tracking script to send a notification when it sees movement with the camera.



ub selling old stuff then.ok something to learn.thanks


Yeah - pir is what's used in old alarm systems that have been around since the 80's. Ub Tech doesn't use much new technology - their robots are pretty terrible and filled with cheap components. But, they have quite the marketing budget!


i bouth one robot from them the alpha2,worked a few months then they disconneted my robot from there server.there forum dissepeared, no contact.
many on indiego didn get a refund or a robot.they lie about averything.
a big shame,but we have ez robot. Grin


I'm sorry to hear that, nomad. It is indeed a good thing we have ezrobot Smile


@Nomad... all a PIR sensor is, (you can google it to find out exactly what it does)... is a $5 switch that's all it is. It measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects... When it reads a change in IR light like from a human or animal that walks by it activates. When plugged into an EZB4 it will cause a digital port to "go high"... You read the digital port and write a script of what you want to do when it activates... It doesn't send emails or pictures or anything else... it's just a switch...
As @DJ mentioned use the camera so you can use more advanced features...

I use one in my inMoov to detect if people are around... If no people are around I programmed inMoov to go to sleep. When people come in the room the PIR detector is activated and I have inMoov wake up...


hi RR

you have a great inmoove.thats sounds like a cool script you have.


is this a good pir sensor ?


another with movement detectection



@ Nomad Like DJ suggested, using the camera to this is very easy. I have the camera on my Inmoov set to detect motion and when it does, it takes a snap shot and then sends that snap shot to me in an email. I haven't tried a video of what it sees but it should be easy enough to do as well.
Using the camera to this is more efficent as it takes the PIR out of the setup. If you want use the PIR, that would be easy to do as well. Once the PIR is triggered then the camera takes a video, then sends that video to you in an email.
Let me know if you need a hand setting it up.