Development Kit Robot


Thanks for the feedback.

Would you like me to make the project public?



QB is awesome, frank. Last year i watched Batteries Not Included! What a great movie. Your robot sure looks like them!


I tried to build the bot Frank (I sacrificed JD) but the Poor guy kept face palming on me as I don’t have your blocks for feet and servos are to small. (may have to print some if they don’t turn up soon).

If you look at dev bot the Servos are mounted horizontally versus vertically so they can twist allowing him to walk forward but not sure we can do this on the JD Robot version.
User-inserted image


I’ll try your config with feet to let you know if he balances



maybe you can use this config.

User-inserted image


I implemented your short leg design and it works great!

User-inserted image

I also removed the unused servos in the JD body and Its very stable.

If you decide to offer your 3D print services through the EZ-Robot link I'll order a set

Thanks again for the idea



@Frank Nice work .
You don't want my printing services, I would have to pay you. Did you not see my thread on me begging for 3D printing help. Multiple EZ Robot experts hand holding me and I still can't get a decent print job. I would blame the worlds cheapest Prusa I3 clone I use but other people have the exact same printer as me and their print jobs are amazing.