Ez-lidar Slam Plugin


Thanks for publishing the EZ-LIDAR SLAM plugin.

I have an xv-11 Lidar and the interface supplied is a micro USB

Please post some details on how you connected yours.

I see from the plugin that you use a UART port, but I don't see any details on how it's connected to the LIDAR



The instructions state it's for the ezrobot Lidar which is in development. Information and updates about the plugin can be found here: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/212


I had the same impulse. I've a XV11 lidar, i looked for connection options.

1) Do you have an idea of a price interval ?

2) What will come first the Lidar or the IPS ?

3) Release time ?

maybe is too early to ask ... but you started Smile


Our lidar is aimed to be priced as a complete plug'n'play solution of $100 usd. It's an absolute blast - and i'm loving playing with it.

Release time is a good question with an equally good answer. I can't release too much information at this time, but big growth changes are happening at ezrobot's business core. These changes will mean queued products will be available soon - i'll provide more details when things have been finalized in the upcoming few weeks.


Looking forward to it.

Is the new video you posted today with Six doing automatic object avoidance? Can't wait!

[edited to include the video I referenced]



a lot of new toys...

I think the price point is good.

I've tested/played a few XV-11, RP-LIDAR, Scanse sweep and I'm waiting for the new Turtlebot 3 Lidar (Hitachi) , i don't know the price yet but they mentioned is very affordable.

and now an ez-robot one.

Thanks for the tip (video).


Thanks for pursuing this.

I’m in.. sign me up for one!



@dj, thanks for pushing forward with what ever financial planning you ended up with. I look forward to what ever combines from it, including the lidar... hmm where to incorporate this on alans body ?! *eek*


Just watched the video. That’s very exciting (Lidar). I’m 35,000 feet in the sky so can’t download and explore the plug in. Can you tell me how you set the offset, ie distance from the robot for collision detection? Thinking ahead.


Does not work in the air Smile are you worried with collisions, too many UFOs or what ?