Security Cam Robot, This Droid Is Watching For You. Jazzy Power Chair Frame


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emergency stop for the wheels, in case of emergency


Security screws to hold mounts and panels on, so they cannot easily be removed without a security star bit. This should reduce the chances of tampering or theft of electronics or batteries.

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I have a couple ideas for tires that are suitable for outdoor use. The knobby tires are fairly common and are use for outdoor go carts and small atvs. Lug type is what you would see on a tractor and is very aggressive. I am very tempted to just go with the Lug pattern so even in the rain it does not slip around when moving.

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Jazzy base, basically what we start with before modifications, in this picture the seat mount pole is not there, but I might actually use it.

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OK shopping list so far -

shopping list

4x micro sd card , 32gb

5x battery packs 10,000 or 15,000 mah ( $25-30 )

4x 130 degree lense , raspberry pi cam

1x ez cam (have them)

1x ez board ( have them)

4x raspberry Pi 3 B boards $35 (have them)

4x 2 ft long rpi cam cables

1x 12v voltage guage $16

4x motion sensors ( have them)

4x ultrasonic sensors ( have them)

4x WD eaststore/ ultra 1 tb hard drive $55 each ( have two)

1 x GPS geofencing and tracking device $30

Emergency cut off button $5

1x 10 amp H bridge ( have them)

1 x 50 watt 12v DC to 5v DC converter ( $12)

10 x Powerline short usb cables 1 ft ($10 per 4 cables)

1 x 7 port usb hub


Interesting. Are you planning on trying to control the raspberry Pi's and use the cam with EZ Builder? Will you be using the cam for tracking or visual surveillance or both? I like the fish eye lense. This is something the EZ camera needs for a wider viewing angle.


The ez cam will be dedicated to machine vision. The raspberry pi are only there for recording purposes. The ez cam is only 640x480 at the most and not ideal for night time recording. I plan to put an outdoor charging station on the side of the home with a glyph or QR code so the robot can find it.


Sweet looking rig there!


Whatever happened to the lawn mowing bot?


Hey I still have it , the season for mowing is coming to a halt because the temperature dropped into the 40s a week or two ago. Grass slowed down growing and some kinds turn brown and die. So it is in the garage. I have 5 jazzy bases to make robots from total, so 4 are left.