Security Cam Robot, This Droid Is Watching For You. Jazzy Power Chair Frame


Hello all, I have a few "dream robots" I have has since a kid. When I was a kid I had to mow a lot so that is where the NOM NOM lawn mower robot came from. However there are a few others. One being security type robots. In my imagination security robots will patrol the most dangerous of area, not just in industrial places but in the suburbs , the mall , housing communities and areas of high crime. It is a dream I almost have an obsession with as they have practical use in our world.


I have picked up a few Jazzy power chairs and pulled the seats off of them. I will further remove stuff that I don't need. I have seen people hack the original motor controllers but I feel like I am better just selling the original on Ebay and buying one made for DIY building instead. My first power chair base project I used a Sabertooth 2x12 ,but I do have a couple other generic controllers I picked up that may work just fine. I will post some pictures, thoughts, goals and parts I have to work with so far. Any input is cool.


You have two threads with a similar subject (wheel chairs).
Which one you will keep updating ?


I dont see the second one , Are you talking about the power chair thread? Because thats not for specifically my projects but general ideas for power chair robots. Thats a free for all discussion.


This is a Project showcase for the Outdoor Security robot build.


I missed the "Project showcase" tag.


General Goals

- a mobile platform that can patrol a set routine

- Motion tracking , robot turns towards movement and tracks that object/ person

- 3-4 cameras recording 24 / 7

- run without outside power for at least 12 hours, but the goal is excess of 24 hours.

-Even in the even the robotic size of the electronics fails or the battery runs dead, there is a backup that keeps the cameras on and recording.

-Recording both locally on the robot itself and also wireless video sent to a recorder that I will probably setup with another raspberry pi.

- Live access to the cameras over the internet

- 1 tb hard drive dedicated to every camera, covers recording in HD for at least a rolling month. Recordings in 10 min intervals.

-Dual battery setup, one battery for the drive wheels , motor controller and ezb
Lithium battery 10,000 mah packs for each camera

-Safety Stop switch that cuts power to motor controller in the event of an emergency, but everything else still records.

-Create a water resistant area protected from spashing and weather for the electronics

-make some kind of seal where the panels come together

- Some kind of anti theft alarm, using geo location or other alarm to prevent theft

-GPS geofence alarm and active tracker


GPS tracking unit, with built in battery so it tracks even if the main battery is removed.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


No IR Raspberry Pi 5mp camera with 130 degree lense

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Im a fan of this battery indicator , looks like I can make it visible from the outside no problem.

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