Can Not Install Ez-builder, Out Of Disk Space


Hi, I download EZ-build software and try to install it. After I choose the disk, the software shows that my disk is out of space. My C: drive has 120GB space; and my D: drive has 20GB space. I try both drives, but both of them give me the same information.

User-inserted image

How much space does the EZ-build need?
I use Windows 10.

Sorry, I do not know which product I should choose for my problem, so I randomly choose two, so that the page can pass me to submit my question. Sorry for inconvenience.


It does't appear that you have installed EZ-Builder from a known source. The installation screenshot window does not look familiar. See below screenshot of what EZ-Builder looks like when installing.

1) Visit the learn section by pressing learn from the top menu of this website. the learn section has information about all products and teaches you how to use them, with installing the software.

2) Select the ezrobot product that you own

3) follow the instructional videos and tutorials for the product, starting from the beginning (Top) of the page. There are complete details on how to install EZ-Builder. Remember, ONLY download EZ-Builder and ez-robot software from (our website).

This is what EZ-Builder should look like when installing:
User-inserted image

PS, if you downloaded EZ-Builder from a 3rd party website or unknown source, i would recommend scanning for viruses and trojans to ensure your system has not been affected.