Power Chair Base , Robots And Stuff


I have 5 right now, I check craislist and facebook yardsale sites. Sometimes ebay too. People are usually asking 200-300 but I always low ball on the offer for them. Negotiate the price.





here are some cheaper ones, the ones for 100 always have dead batteries, so you gotta spend 140 on those to power it. If the power chair is more it needs to have perks like recently replaced batteries. Also you can remove parts you dont need and sell them on ebay to make back some of the money you spent on the power chair. Things like the controller stick, 24v charger , 50 amp motor controller, original wheels and tires, the seat, wire harness, the foot pedastal , the seat ( if its not torn).

Estate sales are excellent places to buy


Welcome back Josh, missed you buddy!

I'll definitely be following and hopefully contributing to this thread as I too have a wheel chair base that I will be turning into a robot.

One thing I can contribute is that I found that the BTS7960 motor controller can reliably handle one wheel chair motor. They are the lowest cost high current motor controller that I've run across and I've had no issue with controlling them with EZ-Builder.


I have a Jazzy base waiting for a project. I thought I was going to use it as the base for my dogbot, but rethinking how big I want it to be. The Jazzy base is like 90 lbs with batteries, so thinking it should be used for a more serious outdoor bot. Maybe a snow blower or lawn mower.


Here is one I have been following on Instagram, Sunitherobot.


@ Tech Guru, by the way, if you want a lighter machine but still a good platform you can mod the jazzy frame, when you remove the plastic panels there are several things you can cut away with a grinder or cutt-off tool.

Front Foot Rest mount- that can be cut all the way back to the frame, this removes about 5 pounds.
Tilt prevention wheels- can be cut away back to the frame, that removes 8-10 pounds.
Motor control unit center cross member and plate- the original motor controller mounts to , cut away and lose a pound or two.
Center mast/ seat mount- has a mount and 4 very large bolts going into the frame. if this is removed it weights 4-5 pounds by itself.
There are some other places like the skid rails underneath the frame are not needed for a robot and cutting them gives you about a inch more clearance and another 2-3 pounds off the frames weight.
Half sized U1 batteries- Also each battery is heavy , but you can get half size U1 batteries that have 22 AH capacity instead of the 35 ah full size and lose almost 1/2 of the weight and you gain some space to put electronics too !

So if you want a jazzy light a manageable , it can be done ! After a jazzy base is cut up, my 11 year old can carry the frame around the house.


@ Jeremy, Thanks for that plug on the motor controller, looking for cheaper alternatives to the famous ( and pricey) Sabertooth is great!

BTW currently a 2x12a sabertooth runs the NOM NOM mower robot, so it doesn't take that much current.