Review Led Options


Will, you're correct 6 lines for 2 regular RGB LEDs (plus ground or V+ depending on which type you have common anode or common cathode).

Someone was supposed to make a video about this stuff! Oh yeah that was me........Winky


Is it safe to say anything with this config is a neopixel?

User-inserted image

And anything looking like this with RGB would be a standard RGB LED?

User-inserted image


Yep, Bang on!


Got it...ok going to order a few of the regular RGB LEDS and do some testing...

...then will test with PTPs set up with the neopixels (which i have a ton of). Just trying to figure out what sketch to load onto the ardurino. Hopefully PTP can chime in when he has time..he's super busy. Thanks PTP for taking the time out to help out!



I am using the script that is provided on the neopixel tutorial page on this site.

Also, I use an Adafruit pro micro instead of the arduino. THey are cheap and small


So if I just connect a single neopixel and load the sketch and change the neopixel amount to 1 (as you are using a ring), i should be able to just send commends to control color? I would not have use for chase, scanner on a single neopixel.


If a ring has 128 neopixels, then your number is 128.


Yup just making sure his sketch will be able to control the color fading with a single neopixel as i have no use for animations like the theatre chase, rainbow etc which are included in the at sketch for rings and strands that include many neopixels.


Again - if you have a ring with 128 neopixels, your code must address 128 neopixels.

It's not about whether you want animations or not. That's not the point. If you read about how a neopixel works, each one is addressable based on the series.


I'll have to read up on the serial sketch provided by Perry. Normally in a sketch you define the number of pixels like 1 or 12 or 128. so the animations will scale according to the number of neopixels you have. Maybe in his sketch you send out the number of neopixels in each command control line since its a live control.