Wireless Charger


Thanks for researching this



Honestly in my mind I would recommend making a " dock stand" for each robot. The robot would have a couple contacts on the bottom some where to make a connection to a charger. Plus, it could be a could stand / display for the robots too.


That’s a good point.

I’m pusuring this with several levels of increasing capabilities:

Level 1 would still require turning off the power switch, but would just allow setting the robot on the stand... making the power connection

Increasing levels would handle the shutting off the power switch and determining the end of the charge cycle to disconnect the power



Here is an update on my prototyping.

I thought I'd start with the manual stand approach as described by @jstarne1. The first problem is how to make a reliable easy to connect power connection.

I chose a magnetic charging/data Android phone adapter with some micro USB breakout boards

If you decide to try this be sure to order a cable that has data capability as you need the D+ & D- pins joined together for the center tap on the LiPo cells. You need both pins as the magnetic connector does not care about orientation

Of course this approach still requires you to turn off the robot power switch and monitor charging to later disconnect

Now I'm off to work on the suggestion from @nink and @Jeremie



Very cool love watching the progress. Your magnetic android charger idea seems to work well. Robot only needs to get close enough to the charger to connect. Great work. (looking on ebay for magnetic charging plug)


Here are a couple more Revolution Robots with the quick-connect charger

User-inserted image

User-inserted image



Cool I ordered half a dozen micro USB and breakout boards and some magnetic charging cables, some USB female breakout boards and some ballance cables from China. About $20 total should be here in a few weeks. Will try and catch up.


Just be sure the cables support data transfer instead of just charging

The next step in my project is to add @jeremie’s idea of using another robot to provide the “charging station”

It is powered by a wall adapter instead of a battery and will contain the version 3 charger for the dockable Revolution robot connected through the magnetic connector



Yes I did thanks @Frank I ordered a 2.4 amp charge and "Data Sync" cable. My only concern is the data lines (that it looks like you are also using for power) does not have the correct gauge wire to support the required amperage so they may get a little toasty and burn out. Looks like yours are working fine. Worse case I just grab 4 diodes and make a quick bridge rectifier so the + and - are always correct irrespective of the way you join the connector. This would also free up the data wires to talk to say a circuit or even perhaps just a relay and disconnect power to the robot during charge cycle.


I need the D+ D- wires because the charger requires 3 wires to charge the battery

This is because there are 2 cells in the battery that must be balanced charged

Also, I don’t think you need to worry about the orientation of the connector switching polarity as these cables are more the the USB C design where they don’t care about orientation