So to keep the fuse you'd desolder the holder for fuse then run wires from the fuse holder. Unless you want to solder the fuse inplace.


just to be sure i can solder direct on the fuse pads,see pic cirkel.

User-inserted image


ok here it is ,the base with on/off switsh.
also it would be nice to have a batt case.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


That yellow fuse is rated at 20 amps. Highly doubt those switch contacts are. Nomad be careful


The fuse original is 20 amps yellow.


its same switsh as jd body.?


are these desame on/off switshes as used by ez robot ?

on/off switsh


great work! looks good - i can't tell from the image, but it would be a good idea to run the fuse in circuit closer to the battery, and the switch after it. Just for safety... but i'm sure it's fine like that


Thanks dj