I Miss


Well things have certainly been very quiet in the forums of late. Kinda reminds me of the 20 minute lull you have at dinner parties. You know, that moment where you've all kinda said the things you wanted to say and been asked all the questions they can think to ask, then all goes quiet. You kinda quietly sip from your wine glass thinking, how can I get this conversation started again? Feels like that place.

People I miss posting often...David Cochran
Tony Ellis
Anthony and your fun projects
David S and your B9 build
...and the list goes on.

Hopefully one day there will be some reason to get the conversation re-started again...because I love this dinner party.


I miss you posting your builds :-)


Isn't that the time when someone says we should play a game....like cards, a board game, video game, yard game.....a drinking game?!? *eek* Grin

Maybe a Robot Building / Drinking game?


Hahah I like that!



is Anthony from XLRobots died ?

all his works and channels are dead (deleted)..

I know he was ill.. a few months ago.. at the last time he works on a Johnny 5..

I hope all is fine, but..


Hi all here!

@fxrtst you are right something went quite - also myself .... I had slowly so much to work that my robot time went from hole weekend to some hours to ziro.

Now for since 1 year i really had time to do something. My Inmoov is in the corner and become dust.

But now i try to intergrate robots in my rental business - so i can have time in work.

Also maybe many other people had the same problem, to like robots but then the time comes where they must spend more for work or familie and that´s it.

It´s the same like in music business - some people are make music for some years and then suddenly something change in there life and over......

But never to late to come back... I´ll be back - lol




is Anthony from XLRobots died ?

At the risk of having this thread deleted, which happens every time anyone provides details for "reasons". Anthony is having some legal issues related to copywrite violations, so took all of his sites down.

That is the extent that I know.



I work in the film industry and I know one thing... do not mess with a studios property, Especially if you are selling without a licensed agreement. I wanted to send a private email tell him so but it's not really my business.

But he had many original ideas and would like to see him return once he has cleared up the issues. And always glad to hear he is alive Smile


Let it be known far and wide.....ALAN is a risk taker! Winky


Hi Will, thanks for the honorable mention. I think a lot of us have turned into lurkers. I visit almost everyday to see what's happening. Life is busy and interests change priority. My B9 project hasnen't stopped but other things need attention and other dreams need to be followed. This winter he's due for some major upgrades. Lots of video to follow.

I think a big reason is that the EZ Robot is so stable and simple that not many people come here for help. Only the extremely new that need a helping hand to get started and people with hardware problems and incompatibility issues.

Then there was the focus switch by EZ Robot and this forum from DIY robot building to the pre built and programed Revolution kits. I understand that Revolution pays the bills for EZ Robot. Also EZ has been very good in advancing the product to include DIY needs. Thanks! However this websits focus has necessarily killed most interest in collaborating with others designing their own EZ Robot based robots. It's almost like EZ wants the more experienced users to be the first line customer support for the newcomers. It's a good business model but leads to dissolution and exhaustion of your customer base. This is just me opinion though.

I think the turning point was when DJ said there would never be a section set up on this forum for the more experienced builders to gather and discuss and their project development and problems. Again, just my opinion.

I don't think you'll ever see the interest in this forum you saw a few years ago. Partly because of what I stated above but also partly because EZ Robot is not a new thing anymore. I'm not saying it's not one of a kind or better than anything else out there. I'm sure that sales are still good for Revolution and the push into educational platforms are helping DJ to pay the salaries and ongoing bills. However until there is a way for EZ to reinvent their platform to spark more interest to the DIY crowd to be using EZ Robot and a place like other forums have for us to meet separate from the customer service needs I sadly think this will be a dieing forum. *tired* I hope I'm wrong. *sick* Maybe things are quiet is because everyone was enjoying a nice summer. Smile