Usb To Serial Connection Camera Option


My original post failed to mention I didn't want to poke another hole to add another cable, the reason I was trying to bridge two EZBs.

But now I will punch a hole because this resolves a camera space issue for me.

I will look for a proper cable. Will the camera plug and play without any additional modifications to windows?


Yeah - the camera will work with EZ-Builder... or at least should. The USB <-> UART adapter cable you will need must support at least 3,333,333 baud with RTS and CTS lines. Most any of the FTDI should be capable of that - specifically ones supporting windows 10.


Copy that. Thanks!

I'll post the cable here first to make sure I don't waste money and time and I'll give it a spin.


Actually having alot of trouble finding a cable. I can find 5v cables with top bauds speed of 12 megs 6 pin from china, but nothing above 3 megs for 3.3 volts. Anyone else have any luck?


what do you mean 5v cables? the ez-b camera cpu is 5v tolerant, if you're speaking about the signal.

Your cable needs RX, TX, RTS, CTS and must be greater than 3,333,333 baud


OK, I've been searching 3.3v cables only, assuming it needed to be that voltage... 5v opens up the options then. Thanks!


Ok update. So i found a 5v usb to serial cable using the Pl2303HDX chip set which supports upto 12 mbps baud. I ordered from Amazon at:


I've wired it to the camera using the wiring diagram (this was older image the drivers support win 10 which is the current operating system testing on):

User-inserted image

I installed the device driver and set the baud to 6 mbps:

User-inserted image

Plugged it in and I get power light (green LED)

User-inserted image

But issue is the camera does not show up in the camera drop down:

User-inserted image


Ooooh! Let me take a look. I might need to make a few changes to the control for a COM selection. Stay tuned...


OK Thanks!



Your question was asked 6 months ago:

And i provided a solution too:
Post #15

And besides me is working for Merne too: Post #21

Before no one said it was possible, so when DJ mentioned:


You need a uart to USB adapter that can work at more than 3,333,333 baud. There are plenty which can.


Yeah - the camera will work with EZ-Builder... or at least should.

I didn't want to jump in with an answer, sometimes i easily miss some obvious details or/and tutorials.

So I guessed EZ-Builder already supported serial cameras.

I have at least 10 usb/uart dongles and none of them supports more of 3Mbps, so in my humble opinion is not easy to find the right one.

So I'm happy you got it quickly Smile while you wait for DJ's new feature, you cant try my plugin.

It seems besides me and Merne and now you no one had interest in that feature.