Wireless Camera With Usb Dongle

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I have the Wireless Camera with USB Dongle that came with my original ez-robot kit. My question is what software can I get to use this camera without the ez-robot board? I am using a higher resolution camera on my ez-robot, but would like to use this one on other projects

The description of the product (still sold) is:
"he EZ-Robot 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera is your robot's eye to the world. The camera is wireless and operates at 2.4GHz to a USB dongle that transmits your computer.The video is transmitted to your PC and supported by the EZ-Builder Robot Software. Now you can easily add Color, Facial and Motion tracking to your robot. The EZ-Robot Complete Kit includes manufacturer innovative Hardware and powerful software to build the robot of your dreams. Easiness and Power are reasons EZ-Robot has been the driving force behind countless robots for Hobbyists, Competitions, Schools and R&D Facilities. It features to increase the personality of your robot companion. " It sales for $69.00 USD

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It should work with any application that can see a USB web cam (although I am not sure if it is compatible with Windows 10).

You can try using amcap.exe to test (google for download sites, it is a sample app from early versions of Visual Studio, and is great for testing web cams).