Companion Robot Owners


I am looking to gather info on the impact of human- companion robot interactions. If anyone has a companion robot and would like to answer the following questions, it would be greatly appreciated!

What type of companion robot do you have?

How has having a companion robot impacted your life?

What are your favorite and least favorite features of your companion robot?



What do you mean by companion robot? And what are you trying to achieve? The term is quite broad and not very well defined. I suggest you read some of the literature from the human-robot interaction conferences / journals. In my experience, most of the robots that I think you are referring to are still in the research stage, with a few exceptions.


I am defining a "Companion Robot" as an assistant in scheduling, monitoring, performing light tasks and social interaction. The Echo Alexa is an example. Once the term Companion Robot is defined, the features can be discussed and expanded.

Many here on this forum already have Robots with many of the features you implied and more. The membership are working to expand them and refine the abilities of their unique robotic creations.

There is no simple reply to your questions.

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he clearly explains in the first sentence-He is looking to gather info on the impact of human- companion robot interactions...seems pretty clear to me.


surprised no one has replied to your post, for im sure many here have companion robots...


@NEWAGETOMY This guy joined to ask this question?... then never followed up?... I call spam. Looks like a company looking to do some marketing research... Maybe the OP should tell us who he is and why he is asking this on the ez robot forum?...


You could be right, i actually never spotted it... *eek*


I agree with Richard, I would call Spam or misplaced marketing research cold posting.

But I thought @AndyRoids post was spot on, what is a "companion robot"? What does it mean to you @NEWAGETOMY?

But I think my Alexa is a smart voice control device with media playing capability. Maybe it's even a virtual assistant of sorts, but not a companion.

My robots are of intellectual interest to me, but I don't consider them companions.


To answer your compelling questions:

I am a female college student writing a paper on the affects of companion robot-
human interaction. For a specific definition of companion robot, I was thinking: any robot that is marketed as a "companion".


Your request is still to vague. Be more specific and an opinion may be forthcoming.
Example: Marketed devices are still not "a companion". The Amazon Echo is not "a companion", yet it can supply a robot-human interface.