Am Confused Making Ed Mech-jd


am making a new ez robot.the ed mech chooter but with an jd styl.
as am looking the config how to build it,i see diff asigments from ports.
one says d0 is left choulder an other says d0 is rotater .
what am looking too is when stop driving the ed mech takes a stand position,
where can i adjust this stand position.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Don't use advanced servo profile. Use the regular one that shows the image of the robot.



you mean use thisone?

User-inserted image

and thisone?

User-inserted image

last where can i adjust the rest position after driving?


Yes - that one

All positions are in the auto position control - and they're called "Frames". Find out more about the auto position control in the manual page. There are instructions and The Robot Program episodes on how to use it. Ezrobot spends a lot of effort to ensure knowledge is provided. It's up to you to use the help:


many thanks dj


Your always welcome Smile