Robot Blinds Control


Lazy much? Blind control to major tom... I can now control the blind/shades on my deck from my phone! With a little bit of hot glue, a couple wood screws and some pieces of 2x4 ends I had lying around.



i was thinking same but for a doorlock then.
is this a base off six with magnets in?


Hmm... Using an IoTiny, and doing the super cap mod so that you don't need a killer expensive AC/DC converter, this could be a little less expensive than the least expensive home automation blind controllers.

Maybe 3D print a case for it all....


I was going to use an IoTiny - but didn't have a lipo battery adapter or battery Grin


it would be great to have a batt that can be used for ez robots,where you,
canstandly charging en still use the robot.


Nomad, They are big and heavy, but Lead Acid gel cells can be charged and used at the same time. Not suitable for something like a JD, but for large or stationary robots, that is an option.



hi alan

i have an robot alpha 1 S who i can charge and play with same time.

alpha 1s robot


Show me in the manual where the alpha 1 can be charged and used at the same time


at this moment they are renewing the site,do i found this manuel.

manuel alpha 1s


Where does it say the lithium battery can be used while charging?