Plug Incompatible


i have received an ez-robot and a Lipo battery separatly but i can't plug because the plug are not the same. what can i do ?


Hello @vivion91, welcome to the community. The best place to start learn is by going through the learn section of this website, if you click on the learn tab, you'll be taken to many lessons lead by video that will teach you about your robot or kit.

For example, if your purchased an EZ-Robot such as a JD, Six, Roli, or Adventure bot, you will have learned that all of those robots have a lipo battery already pre-installed in their body. So with one of these robot, you'd need to add a lipo battery.

You'll also learn how to charge the lipo battery in your robot from the learn section.

If you purchased an EZ-Robot Development Kit, you'll learn how you can connect batteries or a lipo to your power brick.

Each lesson you go through will show up in your profile as well. I've been using EZ-Robot product for years but I still revisit the learn section to research my memory from time to time.


Tanks for your reply JustinRatliff,but i have used the different learn,
i have bought in the firstime EZ-Robot Development Kit without problem,
after i have chosen to create JD Robot i have buy a lipo battery for that,
i have printed all parts with 3d machine,when i have received the lipo battery i put the lipo battery in the boby of JD and the EZ-Robot on the body i can't plug together there are différents form, that is my problem we can't use the develpment kit for build the JD Robot ?


@vivion91, I want to make sure I understand what you are saying. You purchased an EZ-Robot Development kit, so you have the EZBv4 with power shell and you understand how that works, correct? You have used it with no problems, right?

Then you decided you wanted a JD robot so you used your own 3D printer and you printed all the JD parts. Then you placed the battery inside JD and realized the battery does not just simply plug straight into the EZb4, correct?

What you discovered is correct.

Again, going back to the learn section (because I think EZ-Robot did a great good with it!), if you review the section for the EZb4 & Io Tiny - that whole section will cover the development kit including a section called Fuse Replacement This shows you the part you are missing.

In a complete JD robot (or JD torso) purchased from EZ-Robot the battery and fuse panel and on/off switch are included all assembled. If you 3D print your own JD torso, you will need to supply those parts your self.

Once you take a look at the link, you'll see there is actually a fuse board connector in your power shell base from the Developer kit you could use, if you want to with some modifications. When I 3D printed my own JD I ordered an extra power shell just for this reason.


thanks for your support i was seen this piece in the support i will use it and adapted and connected to the switch on/off.
super many thanks. :-)


You are welcome. Let us know how your robot turns out and if you have any other questions Vivion.