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Sending Commands To A Second Ezb Via Script

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I am trying to send a command to a second EZB on my inmoov. I do not know the syntax to reference the second EZB. for instance when I run


SendSerial(D23, 9600, "F0,0,200,200,0,0,50,20,R")

it sends the the serial pulse to my first EZB. How do I make it reference the second EZB where the serial line is plugged in?

I know DJ I always check the "?" in the control but I can not nut this one out.

So what would be the syntax and I would appreciate an example.


I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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Script help:
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second EZB (board 1):


SendSerial(1.D23, 9600, "F0,0,200,200,0,0,50,20,R")


ptp to the rescue. Thanks so much. It was there in front of me.