Jd Robot Full Bending And Turning Chest


here the jd with full turning and bending chest.more mods comming later.
i hope you like the video. Grin Grin Grin


Wow Patrick - that's the most cyberpunk jd! All those mods make it totally unique. Nice work - proud of you


Smilethank you dj. i have lots of fun.


Wow indeed!


thanks justin


Great work Patrick!
That gives a STRONG look bumping out the shoulder servos to make room in the chest for an additional servo.
Lowering the battery probably helps compensate for the new servo in the chest.
Thanks for sharing.


hi steve S

thanks ,soon more mod to come.thinking off the ezbv4 base to remove,
and put ezbv4 straight on the back jd.


Patrick, Terrific Job ! The modifications came out real nice..


hi andy

it gets better every time i practise.



Nice work Patrick. You've come a long way since we last spoke. Good on you and keep it up. Very impressed. Smile